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Exercise Selection

A fun, high impact course looking at effective client specific exercises. Starting with stable single joint, and progressing to unstable, multi joint exercises.

The trainers will get to perform each exercise when we look closely at technique and teaching skills. This day demonstrates how to adapt a training programme to any environment using only body weight.

We look at acceleration, deceleration and stabilisation using functional movement patterns. The integration of the core gives trainers a wide variety of effective exercises looking at joint motion and how to make movements tri-planer.

As the day progresses we head out to the gym to perform big bang exercises concentrating on perfect technique and training cues.

Areas that are covered:

  1. Exercise selection through all multiples
  2. Training for perfect technique
  3. Session preparation
  4. Spotting and client contact
  5. Session delivery
  6. Teaching techniques
  7. Multi-sensory exercises
  8. Dynamic and explosive progressions
  9. Regression
  10. Prescribing pre and post op
  11. Referrals
  12. Remaining client focussed

“After doing the postural alignment course I was eager to learn more and add new exercises to my repertoire, I was genuinely impressed with the content and how adaptable it was to my clients. This day made me realise how dynamic the body can be and even though i learnt mad and whacky exercises i also learnt how to train someone to walk from scratch. I feel that by doing this course I stand out in the gym as a trainer, my clients are enjoying every session, getting results and what's am I!” Sam Davies, PT

Minimum students: 10

Maximum students: 20

Students to attend 100% of the course

Cost per student: TBC

Jan Keller BSc (Hons) CSCS, Corrective Exercise & Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Youth Conditioning Specialist

07795 508018