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Postural Assessment & Programme Design - Day 2 Classroom Based

Every client needs a specific, individualised programme with thought out progressions and planned development.

Using information from the postural alignment, trainers will learn how to design a corrective programme using movement patterns, lines of pull, planes of motion.

We will look at how to progress exercises from single joint, uni-lateral to multi joint bi-lateral, stable to unstable and single plane to multi plane exercises.

The trainers will manipulate reps to help maximise performance over a 16 week training period with time-effective workouts that get great results.

Areas to be Covered:

  1. Lines of pull
  2. Planes of motion
  3. Joint motions
  4. Core stabilisation
  5. Integration
  6. Progressions
  7. Sequencing rep, set, tempo & rest
  8. Manipulating reps
  9. Factors influencing sets
  10. Loading techniques
  11. Time specific programming

“Prior to taking the Posture Assessment course, I felt that my level of knowledge regarding assessments was pretty good. On completion of the 2-day course, it was evident that I was wrong. The Posture Assessment course has literally changed the way I approach every single assessment I conduct with my clients. The information I have learnt has enabled me to not only identify postural imbalances, strength deficiencies and core weakness, but has also taught me how to evaluate a person’s movement patterns, flexibility and mobility limitations. By collecting and understanding this information, this unique assessment format has enabled me to design tailor-made workouts for each of my clients, focusing on what he/she specifically needs to improve or work on.”
“I would 100% recommend that any PT or fitness trainer take the Posture Assessment course. This course is probably the best course I have ever taken. It has definitely transformed how I run my business - for the better.”
James Cooper, PT

Minimum students: 10

Maximum students: 20

Students to attend 100% of the course

Cost per student: TBC

Jan Keller BSc (Hons) CSCS, Corrective Exercise & Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Youth Conditioning Specialist

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